My mom lives at home, and my sibling and I have taken care of her for the last 5 years. She has difficulty speaking, can’t dress herself, needs help in the bathroom, and virtually can’t do anything for herself. She walks with a walker, but you have to be right behind her so she won’t fall. Every time it’s my time to watch her, which is watching tv, I feel Over the last 4 years she’s gone downhill. My health is starting to suffer from stress. And, when she gets agitated, I just want to leave.....

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Not everyone is cut out to be a caregiver. It’s nothing shameful. You and your sister are doing the work of 3 shifts of caregivers around the clock. You don’t say how your sister feels, but if you have to do any “convincing”, it sounds like she’s not on board with your opinions.

If you speak with her and she is adamant about not putting your mom in a facility, tell her very honestly that you can no longer do it. That it’s taking a toll on your health and you feel that Mom needs more care than you can give.

Be prepared for possible hard feelings from her. We get many posts here from siblings who are angry because they feel they’re the only ones putting in the time caregiving. Suggest hiring a part time caregiver.
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