Short term memory gone, long term fading, but still functional. Personal and bathroom habits still good, but is disappearing a bit each day.

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Gott - it might be wise to contact your local area agency on aging and ask them to send someone to speak with you. They can access both your needs and home environment to see what help would be most beneficial. They can put you in touch with care givers, aides and others to help you and your wife. They can also be the "heavy" and tell her that "your husband" needs some help in the home - perhaps she's more likely to accept it if she thinks it's for your benefit.

If you have children that you trust, perhaps they can help you have a discussion about getting help to come into the home. If you feel your health is compromised as her care giver, then begin speaking with nursing homes that accept alzhiemers patients. They have intake staff that can help with the process to move her and to get her settled. It might be wise to move her while she can still adapt rather than wait until it would be an emotional trauma.

Keep in mind that, if you need medicaide to pay for her care, you can keep home long as you're able to stay there.
Best of luck to you both.
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