I want to attend the quarterly workshop/seminar in Columbus, GA for info on becoming POA & caregiver for my mother.

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The seminar is sponsored by the Muscogee County Probate Court. I have very limited info about seminar, I'm in the beginning processes trying to get everything in order. I know the seminar is offered quarterly, the January date hasn't been scheduled yet.
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Assuming you're referring to a Durable Power of Attorney, your mother needs to see an elder law or estate planning attorney who will prepare one according to her desire to delegate authority (a) either for purposes as she may desire now, or (b) in the event she becomes mentally (or physically) unable to make her own decisions. You can't create one yourself.

If she does this, she should also consider a Living Will/aka Advanced Directive, which allows someone authority to make decisions for her medically.

I'm not familiar with this seminar, but it sounds like a very good approach to education of the authority granted under powers of attorney. Who is presenting this seminar? Is it a legal group?
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