My mother is 67 years old and has been in a relationship with a 50 year old man whom she got a restraining order against, for numerous reasons. He has broken this order several times. Now I'm not sure what she is thinking. After everything this man has done to her and our family I cant believe that she is seeing this man again. She found out 2 months ago she has AIDS. She tested negative for AIDS before they started dating. We are assuming she contracted it from him. On top of all this, he is the son of her landlords. He was living with her. His parents fully aware that she has HUD but allowed their son to live there for the last three years. Unreported to HUD. After my mom got a restraining order on him she received a 60 day eviction letter. 5 days after the restraining order to be exact. Than his mother had the nerve to bring up the fact that me and my boyfriend are staying there and that we are not on the lease. We were there to protect her and helped her clean up all the trash and abandoned cars in her backyard that he left. I feel my mom is not in her right mind to be seeing this guy again and shes going against the restraining order. I dont know what to do?

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Pam, here an excellent article I found here on Aging Care that should be helpful:
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