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That’s an interesting question . Are you referencing being paid by the state or drafting a care agreement between your husband and yourself so that you are paid out of joint funds or his retirement ? And to go a step further would, if you were a paid full-time caregiver for your husband , that insulate you from any collection of pre-marital debts if you in order for your husband to stay in the home provide full care. I do wonder if that is possible for those caregivers that are unable to work because caregiving necessitates they stay at home. It’s hard to think of the future for the younger spouse when you can’t work and sock away retirement benefits. It’s definitely an additional stressor one doesn’t need while trying to provide full care. I’d be curious to hear others experiences/opinions on that.
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Most caregivers do not get paid. If your husband is eligible for Medicaid, you might be able to get a waiver for a few hours payment per week.
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