How do I become a paid caregiver to my mother

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She needs to pay you but make sure you get a contract. She needs to spend her money before Medicaid will kick in. You will need to take meticulous care on keeping records of expenses. If you are thinking about getting paid full time, then dream on. You can also call your local senior services to find what state services are available. Most of that will come from services provided for a few hours of care to give some relief to you or vouchers for day care.
Do not quit your job as it will as it will affect your social security benefis when you retire
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If you research this site you.will find many threads on this exact topic.

First the care has to be medically necessary. If adult children are paid it is through a caregiver agreement drafted by an elder law attorney. And payment is with the parents resources. There are government funded programs, but the payment is usually minimal.

There are qualifiers for government programs.
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