My Dad has it, as does my maternal Grandmother.

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I did the same as Geewiz when it came to my Dad having sundowning. He would call me saying he was confused by this or that... and I would say I have that problem, too, telling him it's all part of aging. We use to chuckle about not remember names because the file drawers in our brain were filled and it would take time to find that file with the name :) We will remember the name at midnight :P

Not once did I mention to Dad that he was starting to have dementia. I would think that would scare any person.
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Hi, I am sure we each approach this in our own way according to the individual situation. I have seen this question many times on this site. For me, with my Mom, I never discussed it. The behavior wasn't something my Mom could change. We tried one of the drugs but it caused unpleasant side effects she was 96 years old so we stopped that medicine.
When my Mom mentioned her memory (early on) I said we all get slower as the years pass. My Mom and I were part of the lucky group --- she was relatively calm throughout the 24 months before she passed. She was in a memory care facility for the final 18 months and it was close to my home so I was able to stop in every day that another sib wasn't able to visit. Good luck.
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