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Is this person still in AL? Have they had her assessed by a therapist to test her swallowing ability? What does her doctor say? Has she been evaluated for depression? What stage of dementia is she in?
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Your profile is confusing. Are you caring for someone or are you asking for a fellow resident?

If the place is so bad, call the State Ombudsman and file a grievance. They shouls investigate.
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First, try to eliminate environmental distractions such as too much noise, etc. Playing music during mealtime (especially music that appeals to the individual) can be helpful. Try serving one item at a time--starting with the most nutritious. For example, serve the salad course alone, then the protein, then the starch, then dessert etc.

Make sure there is contrast on the plate as well. White foods on a white plate may not be the best choice.

Look for challenges with utensils and address those if need be. If appropriate, consider opting for hand held foods to avoid issues related to the usage of flatware etc.
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