Times have changed! More and more elderly people are willing to live in elderly care home as their children do not have time to accompany them! Choosing an assisted living facility for elders who require recovery and/or nursing care after operation and stay at hospitals, it is the best option.So how can you encourage an elderly loved one to consider a nursing home?

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Thanks,kaijiancare( is a good options for elder, They need to be warm and friendly, always attentive to the needs of your parent and the other residents. The group needs to be comprised of people whom you can trust, allowing you to leave the care of your loved parent in their hands. Checking out some nursing home locations may give you an idea of how comfortable both you and your parent will feel with any giving location.
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None of the above, to be fair. Just a bit of an eye opener about elder care as a global trade vehicle.

What is your staffing ratio?
Do you publish your practice guidelines?
What is your policy on supporting QOL in people with dementia?
Who are your major shareholders?
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