How can we reimburse Father's hospital bills we paid during a visit outside the country?


My father together with his daughters attended a funeral outside the US. He was confined in the hospital ICU during our stay in the Philippines. We paid for his Hospital bills. How can we reimburse it?



Medicare does NOT pay for medical care outside the states. My husband's secondary insurance did pay when this happened to him. We paid and then submitted to the secondary plan.
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I am not sure if Medicare/Medicaid will reimburse you but I had a nephew that got sick in Mexico on vacation (not a senior) & he paid the bill in Mexico and then came home and tried to get reimbursed from his own (commercial) insurance company. The first time his insurance co refused to reimburse and he had to appeal which I believe was successful.

As far as Medicare/Medicaid, I really don’t know if this applies out of the country but would be interested to find out if so.
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What kind of insurance does he have? Medicare, Medicaid? Did he take out travel insurance on this trip?
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