How can son get Mother out of nursing home to take her home?


One sibling has POA and doesn't want to care for mother.

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Ocumbie, nursing homes don't keep someone without medical justification, which depends on the admission diagnosis, progress, current status, and short and long term goals, and often other factors as well.

If these criteria weren't factors in a nursing home's care and treatment, it wouldn't get reimbursed by Medicare.

So your mother is there for a reason. That's what you need to find out - what the medical conditions were and now are. Those need to be addressed before you can consider taking her home.

And as FF pointed out, are you qualified and is your home suitable to care for your mother given whatever conditions she has?

There are a lot of factors to consider before taking someone home.
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We need more information, obcumbie. First of all, why is your mother in a nursing home? What are her medical issues? Why does son want to take her home? Does home mean to mother's prior residence or to his own home? Is his own home elder proof, meaning bedroom/bath is on the main level, grab bars in the bathtub, etc.? Does he plan to be his mother's full-time caregiver, or if he is married, both he and his wife will do the work, or just his wife?
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