Mom did it all for 10 years. Brother is 60 with HIGH IQ but not with too many other things for him to live alon. He's with me. I care for my husband - a full blown Narciccsist (divorce is not an option), raising my stepdaughter is the only joy in my life, and I killing her softly, and deal with her mother also narcissistic-32 going on 17. Maybe I could have handled it all 15 years ago, but I had to take an unwanted medical early retirement from teaching which i loved because my fibromyalgia pain, and the oncoming stress created such a fibro fog I could not function. It was time to leave before they told me to. "I" need a caregiver! Can't ever find any way to destress. More than 8 Rx, all the mindfulness, psysco,relaxation, yoga over the years is of no avail. Neroupsych testing places me at 18-20% of my peer norm.On SSDI but by contract from school district I say at a balanced level of 80% of last contract pay. SS goes up LTD goes down,etc. I don't want to die but I am worn to the bone and using every ounce of mental energy, just need sleep. Even CPAP does not help provide enough restoitive sleep if I can't get to bed. Can I get my doctor's to qiaulify either my brother or myself to qualify for a little know clause in Medicare provision which would pay out side assistance to come in and do what I can't? I am beyond help and hope. Ginny

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Hospice is for patients who are terminally ill and not expected to live more than 6 months. You definitely need assistance and in our county, we have the Department of Human Services for referrals to appropriate helping agencies. Perhaps you have a similar agency in your county to start out with and if not, contact the Social Security office for advice on where to go for support in your town.
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