I take care of my mom and my 5 siblings do nothing and she wants to pay me without them stopping her from doing so. It was her idea because she is angry that they want want her money but will not help me in any way to care for her. She is not low income. I live with her for over 2 years doing it all by myself.

Great advice above, Sunnirene, so I'll only add this contract should only be between you and your mother and the attorney.

It's not a matter of keeping it secret like it's wrong or illegal, it's a business transaction and none of your siblings' business. Don't give your siblings any reason/excuse to further torment yourself or your mother.
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NeedHelpWithMom Mar 18, 2019
MM, I agree. It’s between caregiver and mom. None of anyone else’s business.
(I guess unless you have a vision problem then I am sorry for the "scolding")

You need to draw up an agreement, you can find some on line or check a store like Office Max.
List duties you will preform.
Hours you will work.
You must have time off.
Your rate of pay.
I would have a contract start and end date with a new contract to be signed after the first employment contract expires.
If your mother has a lawyer they can also draw up the contract as well.
You also need to determine how taxes will be paid. Social Security should be taken out as well. These are all the same forms you would fill out at any other job.
You might even want to see if your mother can add Workers Comp to her insurance policy just in case you are injured. This is for your protection.
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NeedHelpWithMom Mar 18, 2019

I like the time off clause. So many of us get no time off 😞
Please take your cap lock off.

Mom can pay you but it needs to be done legally. Consult with an elder law attorney on how to do this. A caregiver agreement is required, and an account setup to pay you and have all the appropriate withholding made.
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You need to have a contract drawn up by an eldercare attorney, they will be able to advise you what to include - do a little research about what an outsider would be paid for the work you do, also give some thought to your mother's increasing needs as she ages.
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