How can my church community help care for my loved ones?


They want ideas on how they can help and I don't know exactly what they can do? What are some suggestions I could offer?

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This is a great question! It would be nice if some of the churches had caregiver volunteers to give the regular caregiver a weekly break.
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Start with a list of what you need, categorizing each.

E.G., Non medical social assistance could include companion visits, grocery shopping, meal preparation, shoveling snow, laundry, getting mail if they live in areas where mail is delivered by truck to a mail box on the street.

Medical assistance could include transportation to medical appointments.

You write that you're caring for your husband with dementia. Your post title states "love ones", plural. How many people are you caring for and what are their mental and physical conditions? Can each of them walk or does anyone need mobility assistance?

All these conditions would factor into what kind of help your church could provide. More detail will help others be more specific with their answers.
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