My psychologically disabled sister is 65 and has Medicaid. For many years she has lived with my 90 yr old mother who is self-supporting. My sister has no assets. As she is able, she helps care for my mother.

We all want my sister to have housing after my mother's passing, but my sister will not be able to live alone in the home in MO.

My sister may be able to live alone if she lives close to one of we two sisters, but we live several hundred miles away. So the home will need to be sold.

Is there someway my mother can leave the house so my sister could have access to the funds from the sale of the home for her housing and still be eligible for Medicaid? She may need to move to Texas?

My mother cannot bring herself to make a will, but I think she would do a trust. Is that a possibility? We all want my sister provided for and want nothing for ourselves.

2 concerned sisters

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