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You definitely need medical supervision with this, especially if they are beyond stage 1. The number one thing to do is to keep the pressure off, so changing position often and investing in special pressure relieving chair cushions or mattresses or mattress overlays. Ask if your insurance will cover these.
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Can you get her doctor to prescribe a wound care nurse? They are so painful and potentially dangerous that a professional really should be helping you.

If you can't get one, I recommend colloidal silver, spray it all over the wound as many times a day as you can manage, use a natural honey, small amounts with olive oil to keep it from drying completely out. Warm wash with a good antibacterial soap several times a day, dry thoroughly before you spray silver, let that dry and put the honey oil and cover.

Do the best you can to keep her off of the sores, as well as moving her every two hours.

I am not a doctor or nurse and recommend doing your own research on these products. I have had very good results and I am more into natural solutions than chemicals, however, each individual should do their own research and talk to your doctor. I do know that there is a medicinal cream made with honey for its healing properties, maybe her doctor will prescribe that. You can use colloidal silver with anything else, it is a very effective antibacterial, antiviral and many other things. I make my own, if you are interested in how, message me and I'll share how I do it. I make it by the gallon we use it for so many things.

I hope you find a solution soon, those sores are so brutal.
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