We are my mother's caregivers and we want to remove her dog from her home and have him live with us. The problem is that we would have to take him back to her house when we are taking care of her, because we stay there for four days and nights in a row. We need a suggestion to what we can say to her if we do this.

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You are family and can share the dog, imo. Making it a happy arrangement.
Why does it have to be sad, traumatic, and taking the dog away from Mom?
Where is the dog, Mom says:
Mom, Boo-dog is overnights with us, Boo-dog will be back Tuesday, overnights with you.
MOM, the family loves Boo-dog, it's our turn, taking Boo-dog for grooming...for vet exam. etc.
This may work depending upon the stage of your Mother's illness.
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Moo1954, could you tell us the reason why you wish to take Mom's dog away? I see on your profile that Mom has Alzheimer's/Dementia. Is she forgetting to feed the dog, or to take the dog outside? Over feeding the dog? Not taking him/her to the Vets for wellness exams?

If Mom is unable to take care of the dog, that would signal to me that maybe Mom wouldn't be able to take care of herself. Just a thought.
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So, two issues. What to tell mom and what to do about dog care for these 4 day trips. Is that right?

Sunny is right, not good to keep reminding her with the dog showing up. Can you board the dog? Dog sitter? Friends or relatives?
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Is there someone with your mom around the clock? Is there any reason the dog can't stay there if so? I'm not sure that I would keep taking the dog back to be with her, when you visit, because, it's going to keep reminding her of him. With many dementia patients, they forget about pets shortly after they are gone, despite how beloved they are to the person. But, to keep reminding her, would be like fresh pain every time he leaves again. This is my take on it.
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