I am one of my mother’s few caregivers, along with an aide, but I am also her health proxy, basically the “go-to” person for all matters. My husband & I have kept my daughter in the know with Mimi’s condition and she sees her often but I want to prepare my daughter without stressing her out. God knows, teen girls have enough going on normally! So far so good, I think; trying to keep a balance.

I am not sure that anything can really prepare you for the death of someone close, except going through it. Once you have done it before, you are prepared for the next time, and you can support those for whom it is a first. My own feeling is that I would not have teenagers there at the very end for a grandparent. For a parent, perhaps they need to know that they were there, but for a grandparent it might just be better to be fully aware that death is coming.
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This looks like a brilliant link -

You may find that your daughter is already better informed and ahead of the game compared to her peer group, and all credit to you; but I hope there'll be some useful ideas there.
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