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Use this site to get off as many lists as possible --,

For good measure you might also write directly to PCH to say a vulnerable adult is at your address, and to take your husband off their list immediately.
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If not opened, you can return things and they should credit your account when received. Junk mail cannot be returned.

If you get junk mail there is a site where you can put your name in to be taken off lists. I was successful in taking the stamped envelope enclosed and putting the mailings back in. I circled Moms address and put, "take my name off your mailing list". For others I found them on the internet, like the Vets, and asked them "take me off your mailing list". I would give them the exact address on the mailing, and also say "any name associated with this address". I usually received a follow up email telling me it had been done but I may still get mailings for a few weeks.

I have not done PCH in ages but I did find out, they sell your address. Told them ages ago to drop my address. If they do pop up on my email, I unsubscribe. Thats why the catalogs start coming. You can try and contact them by internet if they don't have a stamped envelope inside. By law they have to remove you. (I know doesn't mean they will) I was able to get my Mom down to almost nothing. All I receive now is a warranty renewal and I just trash it. Same with my address, warranty renewal and some local businesses.

Anytime you buy magazines or request a catalog, they sell ur address. Same with those contests in the mail. I have seen less of this, maybe the government is cracking down. The PO box is a great idea. But you may only get away with that if the person has Dementia. If so, then you sort the mail at the PO and then put what you want them to see in their mail box. Guess u have to be creative.
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My hubby is fixated on watches. I have to pre-screen all the mail coming into the house and throw away any catalog or magazine that has ads for watches. We just received his 8th watch, because I missed a catalog. I don't know if it's possible to talk to your mail person to see if he could stop delivering anything but 1st class mail.
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ravensdottir Apr 25, 2021
Postal carriers are required to deliver what they're given. So the goal is to stop the mail from coming or to get to the mailbox first🏃🏼‍♀️
I used to send in what they requested in hopes of winning & coming home to the PCH crowd! I never bought any magazines, but once bought neck moisturizer...which wasn’t that great! In addition, I never won even though they always promised I was sooo close to being a winner!
My suggestion is to throw all that junk out in’s just clutter. Hugs 🤗
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My mother has entered every PCH 'contest' in the last 60 years. PLUS, she keeps all the junk that comes in the envelope, in case she wins, she thinks she needs all the paper that came with the original offer.

I know ONE person who won $10 in this thing. Mother has spent thousands on junk. She has all the 'as seen on TV' things and truly believes she is going to win big. She's of the 'if I don't order, I can't win' school of thought.

She has 4 huge bins in storage that hold all her old PCH envelopes and some catalogs--like catalogs don't CHANGE all the time.

I am going to go online and cancel her subscriptions to all catalogs but 2. PCH, too, if I can. The papers in her place are overwhelming.

She is always home when the mail comes and she waves the mailman up to the door and makes him hand deliver her mail, even tho she is on a rural route and the mailbox is out on the curb. If SIL gets the mail first, she throws away the catalogs and junk and mom gets furious.

IF the extra paperwork was tossed, I would never have a problem, but it's added to mother's hoarding issues.
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Is he getting it through the mail? If so have your mail go to a PO Box instead so that it can’t get to him. If he’s mailing checks offer to “drop it in the box yourself then do t do it. If it’s through other media, like the tv or internet, this will be more challenging without changing or controlling those inlets. You will need to limit his ability to drain any money so I’m hoping you’re on top of that and if not you must start doing that. I wish you success in getting in front of this.
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