I have been paying out of my own pocket in the amount of approximately $10,000 since April for in home caregivers. I cannot sustain this kind of caregiving cost. I’m at the end of my rope and I am handling my husband’s care on my help from his children who are in better financial positions than I am.

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Contacting an elder law attorney is money well spent. Are his kids local to you? Can you ask your them to at least give you a few days break while you spend time exploring options? They may be very surprised at how rigorous caregiving is -- and that would be a good thing. Even for a few weekdays, because that's when state agencies and attorneys have their office hours.
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Lonelywife, so sorry you are going through all of this, it is very exhausting.

Call the Florida State Medicaid office to see how your hubby can qualify for Medicaid services.

Or you can call an "Elder Law Attorney" who can help you with all the paperwork that is required. Yes, the Attorney will charge a fee for this work.

Hope everything turns out positive, to give you a much needed break from not only worrying about your hubby but also a break about worrying about the financial toll it can take.

As for hubby's children, since your hubby is 78 years old, and you mentioned that his grown children are better off financially which tells me they are deeply embedded in their careers. It wouldn't be fair for them to dive into their retirement/savings accounts to pay for a parent's care.

The parent needs to find ways to work around this, and you are doing that by contacting Medicaid. That is a good start.
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Yes, you can apply, go to their site, there are apps there. I assume that you have all his medical records. Are you planning to place him in AL?
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