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i open a window and use air freshener
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If I'm remembering correctly, there are particular reasons urine has a strong odor, so dealing with the cause may help. I know baking soda (in a wide vase or dish) can sometimes help. How often is Auntie over and using it?

Some might suggest (fire danger aside) a scented candle. I personally have issues with the airsprays. They made diffusers that dispense some scents into the air brings to mind one that the Westin Hotels use, a mild scent based on white tea that tends to not be offensive in itself.

There also is a place called HDIS which has been in business for decades. It stands for home delivered incontinence supplies...they may have some ideas.

Hope it works out...if nothing else I'm guessing that if you can open a window or turn the exhaust fan on, and then scrub it, it should get rid of it. Can't help but wonder if it is your Aunt or her clothing or some product she is using?
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Put a bowl of vinegar in there and see if it helps.

I would question why such a strong odor. Is it a med she is on? If not, could be an infection.
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If it is a urine smell because of poor toileting, dripping, missing the toilet, or heaven forbid carpet then it is just a good cleaning that should take care of that. Things like OdorBan, Urine Out and such products will clean and kill the odors NOT mask them with perfumes.
If it is a strong urine odor it could be because she is dehydrated and the urine is concentrated. Check next time she goes (if possible) urine should normally be a light color. If it is dark it could be either dehydration or due to medications or other medical condition that should be checked right away.
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Before my husband realized he needed to sit, we had the same problem. He actually ruined the floor around the toilet. When I scrubbed (a mop does no good. It just swishes the dirty water around) I used a cleaner with Clorox in it and a scrub brush. I made sure I got into the channel all around the toilet on the floor. I also scrubbed the entire toilet fixture itself, including the back tabs where the seat attaches. Once a month, I even took the seat completely off and scrubbed the outside of the toilet. For clean ups after each use, I would use Clorox wipes. Do not flush them! And, it’s a good idea to wear latex gloves.
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