How can I help my mother look for another small home...maybe a bungalow or cottage type one level house?


Currently lives in a multilevel 4 bedroom house with upstairs and downstairs. Just don't know where to start and how to make the transition. Had a meeting with Silver Service Rep but said I really need to have a house available for the move and they can take it from there. Who can help me find a small house?

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I agree with the independent living. Some have an AL and LTC associated with them.
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shatter1, my concern is that your Mom has age related decline [per your profile], and that decline can swoop in pretty quickly. All it takes is one fall to start the ball rolling. I would wonder if purchasing a new home at this stage would be the right thing to do.

My Dad was living in a house with a lot of stairs, and one time he was thinking about selling the house and buying an one level house. Dad was in his 90's, and I told him he would be safer being all on one level, but he would still need to maintain the house, pay property taxes, pay utilities, pay homeowner's insurance, shovel the driveway, mow the lawn, maybe a new roof, new appliances, etc. Plus pay for caregivers to help him with the cooking, cleaning, laundry, going to doctor appointments, etc.

So what Dad did was move into Independent Living, and sold his house. The equity he had would have given him many years in the senior facility [which was a rental], plus he would be around people of his own age. Oh my gosh, he loved the place. He said he wished he would have moved in years ago :)

So that is another choice your Mom might like. Otherwise, like cwillie had mentioned, seek out a license Realtor if your Mom insists on buying a house.
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Work with a local realtor? Seriously, that's how I found my house.
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