I have towels, bedsheets laid on carpet in her bedroom and some parts of the house where she likes to spit. This has been helpful so I could pick it up and throw in the washer but she’s been picking out carpeted area where it’s not covered and spitting like it’s a game. Dog food, water bowls.
What can I do to alleviate some of these behaviors?

She also likes to hide masks, napkins, etc in her clothes ( sometimes in her underwear’s) how could I discourage these behaviors?

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Dowahjo, it may help you to watch videos or read up on dementia. Your mom is losing what she knows -- you won't be able to teach her any new behavior. Is she on Aricept or Namenda? Both of them are linked to excessive saliva, and/or nasal drip. You can look them up on Or I've read that spitting is like a tic that goes away in a few months and is replaced by another tic. Hiding things is also part of the behaviors of the disease. I don't think you can discourage them as that would be like teaching her something. You will need to work around them, until it changes and something new comes along. Please take care of yourself in the midst of this ongoing journey so that you don't burn out. I hope you find this forum helpful!
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