My mom is 51 yrs old. She has schitzophrenia, depression, anxiety, diabetes, heart problems, chronic kidney disease a broken ankle , and many other health problems. She gets very aggressive when she doesn't get what she wants like cigarettes and mountain dew. She doesn't want to eat at home and she can't walk right now due to her broke right ankle that she has had surgery on twice in 2 weeks. She can't wipe her bottom or help herself at all and she's a chain smoker very heavily. She has burnt her lap blanket many of times and refuses to let me change her when I have someone to come help me with her. She has told the hospital and ambulance drivers she doesn't want me there at all. What can I do to make sure she is placed somewhere for her medical and personal needs? She won't sign power of attorney over to me or anyone. She is also very suicidal.

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Marie, oh my gosh your Mom is sooooo very young to be in that situation health wise. Makes me wonder if the family was enabling her so she doesn't need to do anything for herself. At 51 she can learn to do things on her own once again, after her ankle heals.

Couple years ago I had broken my primary arm, yes going to the bathroom was a challenge, but I figured out a way where I didn't need anyone's help.

You might find Mom's chain smoking will be a speed bump for trying to get her into a facility. Smoking is not allowed in the building. And some places don't allow smoking anywhere on the grounds.  Mom won't be happy with that. And Mountain Dew won't be on the menu, someone would need to bring that soda to her. Isn't that drink very sugary? Not good if one has diabetes.

Next time Mom is at the hospital and it is time to discharge her, tell the Social Worker that Mom is going home to an empty house, meaning there won't be anyone there to help her. The Social Worker will start the ball rolling to get Mom into a facility.
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Who has POA? If no one, the only option is to become her guardian maybe on an emergency basis. A facility can also petition for guardianship.
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