Would your husband be on board with a doctor or nurse practitioner coming to your home? We use a Narionwide service called “Visiting Physicians”. Hubby is seen by a Nurse Practitioner and a Nurse Assistant. They’ve done an EKG, blood tests, blood oxygen tests and exams. They’ve also referred us to a podiatrist who comes to our home as well. They can also refill prescriptions. Hubby is seen about every four months. So far, it’s worked pretty well.
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Sharimo, there are people who will make every excuse in the book not to go to the doctor. It's a phobia, and the fear of the unknown.

You could try using a "therapeutic fib" saying that if hubby doesn't go to the doctor, then his Medicare will be cancelled if he doesn't go at least twice a year. Sometimes the fib is enough to get a person to see his/her doctor. Or maybe not.

Another "fib" you can try is to pretend to make an appointment for yourself [actually the appt is for hubby] and have him drive you to the doctor. Hopefully he's the type that will come into the exam room. Let the doctor or nurse know before hand what is going on, and they could say "John, you look a bit pale today, let's see what is going on".
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