He has brain damage and he forgets every 5 minutes.

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Where I am from, Medicare or Medicaid will not pay caregivers to care for family. They say "If they need care - they need to go into a facility." Sad but true.
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To get paid by the county you will most likely receive minimum wage and not full-time hours. To work full-time hours and get paid an appropriate/hirer wage you will need to create a written employment contract between you and your father (or his durable PoA). This makes him an employer and you an employee, subject to the employment and tax laws of his state. This mean reporting the income and doing the withholding of taxes. If you are his PoA and he is mentally incapacitated to make decisions in his own best interests, you should consult an elder law attorney before paying yourself for his care, as this may delay or disqualify him from ever receiving Medicaid if it appears he is "gifting" you money or you are co-mingling funds or getting compensated in legally questionable ways. Do not guess. Find out from an attorney. Rules differ from state to state.

Here is more info from the landing page of this forum:
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Im in a similar boat . Needing money for a caregiver. Is ur dad on medicare or Medicaid? That's always a big problem and my problem. Medicare doesn't pay caregivers but Medicaid will pay a caregiver. You would have to go thru Medicaid as far as I know.
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