I switced jobs so I can care for my mom. Less money but that isn't the problem. My day starts at 3 a.m and I am going all day. The moment I get home it is attending to her needs. I get very little help from the family and I resent it. They can't face how bad things have become. If anyone knows where to turn for help I would be grateful. I worked as a CNA for 10 years so I know how to do this, however it is so much harder when it is your parent!!

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Tschiffino, the vast majority of grown children who are caring for a parent do not get paid.... unless the parent pays that grown child a salary. If your Mom is able to do that, you would need to draw up an employment agreement.

As mentioned above, you can see if your Mom could qualify for Medicaid [which is different from Medicare] which is funded by the State taxpayers. It would be worth a call to your State Medicaid office to see what is available.

Also call your local Agency on Aging to see what programs they offer, such as Adult Day Care or Senior Centers for a reason fee, but someone would need to take Mom to the Center, such centers are only open during the day. Or if she is mobile, some localities have senior bus service to and from Senior Centers. I think Mom would enjoy being around people of her own age group :)
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Yours is the most frequently asked question on this forum. One would think there would be financial help available when caring for elderly parents full time but there really isn't. Barb mentioned Medicaid which is a good suggestion. There are other programs like Meals-on-Wheels which delivers Mon.-Fri. and St. Vincent dePaul Society which can help with utility bills. Unfortunately, there is no agency, government or otherwise, that will pay an adult child to care for an aging parent.
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What are mom's resources? Can she pay you for room, board and care?

Is she eligible for Medicaid? See if there is a Medicaid waiver program in your state, often called a PACE program, that assists low income seniors with Day Care, transport and the like. Some states have Medicaid-paid assistance for in-home caregivers.

Remember, this is MOM'S old age. HER resources are what pay for it. If you quit your job, how will YOUR old age (retirement fund, pension, SS benefits) be impacted?
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