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Wandacat, the vast majority of grown children who are caring for their parent(s) do not get paid.... not unless your Mom can pay you from her own savings account. If yes, then you would need to create an employment agreement stating your duties, the number of hours, pay per hour, and who is responsible for payroll taxes.

If you become an "employee" for your Mom, your Mom would need to check with her homeowner's insurance carrier about purchasing a "workman comp" policy so you have something to fall back on if your get hurt on the job.

Another option is to call your State Medicaid office [different from Medicare] to see what State programs are available. Your State may have a payment program but note it could minimum wage for a few hours per week. Or it could be higher. But it is worth the call to check on other programs. Note, Medicaid is taxpayer funded.

Let us know what happens, and if you can get paid. So many ask the question you ask but never come back with an update :(
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Unless the parent has resources to pay you it usually doesn't happen.
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