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Curiodal, I see from your profile that your Mom is 86. It is not uncommon for a person in that age group and older to lost their sense of taste except for sweets.

I noticed that with my parents whenever my Mom would give me her grocery list. Her list was filled many with Hostess cupcakes, chocolate chip muffins, cherry pie, ice cream, whip cream, etc. i figured my parents were in their mid-to-late 90's, so let them enjoy whatever food items they liked.

Have Mom's primary doctor check her for acid reflux. That alone can make one not want to eat. Reflux is caused as acid items such as tomatoes raw or mixed into pasta. Even colas and chocolate can do that.

How are Mom's teeth? Any teeth bothering her?

Remember Mom is probably not very active, so she won't be real hungry
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How far advanced is mom's dementia? Has she been evaluated for hospice? It could be that mom's brain is not being signaled that she is hungry or her systems could be so ravaged by the disease that they are shutting down and she is not able to digest food. Must be careful in that situation as she could end up with aspiration pneumonia.
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Ask her to join you at the table for meals and serve her small portions "just to taste". She may clean her plate once she gets started.
Offer lots of snacks throughout the day, also in tiny amounts.
Look for ways to maximize the calories in the foods she does eat, do the opposite of all those little things we avoid when trying to lose weight - choose full fat dairy products, add butter to sandwiches and veggies etc
Consider using supplements like ensure or boost
Speak to the doctor to see she could benefit from an appetite stimulant

I'll link a couple of articles you may find helpful
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