I’ve tried every scenario...

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My dad was the same. He refused to leave the house at all. Not to go to the clinic, to the store, to any family gatherings, etc... He went to mom's private family viewing but refused to go to her funeral.

As for medical issues, I knew he had pneumonia for months. I kept trying to reason with him to go to the clinic or the ER. He refused. He finally caved in when he was having problem breathing. His left lung was almost filled with fluid.

Trying to get him to go to the annual visits to the doctor took weeks and lots of bribing and scare tactics (if you don't see the doctor, Medicare won't cover this or that, etc...) He always eventually agreed to this only because he needed Medicare to cover his medical bills.

Most times, he would listen to non-caregiver people, especially males. I would sneakily ask the nurse, my brother, young nephews to help me convince dad to go to the clinic. 98% of the time it works. He trusted everyone but me, his main caregiver. Does your mother have a friend or neighbor who visits her regularly? Can you ask for them to help you?
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Blushinglevi Nov 25, 2018
Thank you! I’ve tried other people. But I haven’t tried that she has to go to keep her insurance active! Good one thank you so much fir your time! God bless!
My husband is bedridden and although we have a lift and a power chair, getting him out of the house and back in is darned near impossible. We use a company called Visiting Physicians. When they came out, they did a chest X-ray, blood tests and a general exam for my husband. They are a nationwide company. They sent us out a Nurse Practitioner and a Nurse Assistant. I was satisfied with everything but the follow up on his chest x-ray. They even requested a podiatrist to come out.

If you are caring for more than one person, they can see them both. Google Visiting Physicians in your city.
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Your profile is confusing. You say Mom is 57 and then say she is 83. Are u taking care of Mom and a grandmother too?

Yes, why do you need to force Mom to a doctor?
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Sorry to answer a question with a question, but why do you need to do this?
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