I have a friend, female, age 68 who was recently diagnosed with a mass on her lung and a large mass on one of her kidneys. She refuses to go to her oncologist. She has had a great weight loss as she cannot eat. The doctors in the hospital where she was for 4 days in December gave her a med. to take before each meal. When she was taking this in the hospital she was able to eat, when she went home she stopped taking the meds. so she can't eat. It is like she is committing slow suicide. Her sister, some friends and myself have tried to reason with her, but she will not listen & she knows better than the doctors. I cannot sit by and watch her die. Obviously there are some mental health issues and no one can get through to her. I am being physically affected by all of this. PLEASE HELP!

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You are a rare and good friend. The hospice suggestions above are worth looking into. Take care of yourself.
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Have you asked her about hospice?

If she doesn't want treatment that will extend her life, she is entitled to hospice or palliative care services.
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All the talk in the world will not help. Maybe she wants to die? Who is her power of attorney? That would be the only one that can make decisions for her if she is incapacitated.

There must be some support groups for her that may help. Maybe support group for those close to her since it sounds like she would like to die. What about contacting hospice? Does anyone have ability to contact her doctor? Even if nobody has POA you can still contact her doctor and give information.
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