Never calls on her. I have been caring for mom living in sisters home rent free but have to pay for utilities and maintenance to house. The sister comes once a year brother never comes! When I report moms behavior to sister like stealing, or not wanting to eat or whatever I think is important, I have been told to quit complaining! She took her one time but didn't last but maybe a month and she brought her back. I am wanting to brother to contribute to helping with her needs but not sure how to approach him without an argument.

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Nothing you can do, you accepted the responsibility to care for your mother, now you are stuck. This is a common situation in families, most of the time one child gets stuck, unless the parent is placed in a home, there are still responsibilities yet they are lessoned, the caretaker can have some type of life. Sorry about this!
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I have to agree with AlvaDeer. You can ask for help but if the sibling isn't willing to do it, there's no way force them. It helps if you can ask for something specific that's within the realm of possibility for the person to do. If that's refused, you may follow up by asking if there is anything the sibling would be willing to contribute to the situation. Unfortunately, it often happens that people react the way your sister did. When I asked my siblings for help (over and over), one of them told me that she was sick of hearing me complain about Mom, that I was "creating drama" and "acting like a martyr." In other words, they justify their refusal to help by finding a way to blame all the problems on you.

I wish you luck with your brother. If you don't ask, you'll never know.
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I honestly do not think that there is a way in the world to make a child/brother care for or help his mother/sister if he doesn't wish to. So I don't see the argument part. You can simply explain your needs and ask for help and he can say yes or no.
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