Previously she slipped while reaching for something outside of the shower and slightly injured her thumb. Three grab bars, a flexible hose shower head, non-slip matt, and a chair have been installed for her safety. She has rarely (if ever) used the shower in the past six months, opting instead for the occasional sponge bath.

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Put your swim suit on and get in the shower stall with her. I did it for my husband until his caregiver took over the showering chore.
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MargaretMcKen May 2021
I just stripped when my mother was in the shower.
Some of our elders lived lifelong doing spongebathing. We once lived in a cabin in Missouri without shower or tube. You can remain clean enough by the sponge bathing. But if it is a matter of fear you are up against a struggle. Discuss it with her is about all you can do, pointing out how much more safe it is now.
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Get her a pair of water shoes on mother's shower is like a FORTRESS but she was still petrified to go in there for fear of falling. Once I got her the water shoes, a lot of the fear vanished. She still slips occasionally, but the caregivers manage to catch her before she hits the floor (in Memory Care). Also, make sure your mother has HELP getting in and out of the shower, help washing herself and drying off as well. She's way too old to be showering alone. My mother started getting help when she was 88 and she's 94 now.
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