I don't want to put my father in a home, so I'll need to quit my job to care for him. How can I get financial assistance for this?

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This is not easy. First, I'd advise that you read this article:
Then, go to the state Web site and look under aging services. The Family Caregiver Support Program is available in some form in all states. There should be contact information on the site so you can get information on locally administered programs.

Good luck finding resources. It's very hard to make enough to stay home with our elders, but some Medicaid programs pay an hourly wage for a certan amount of time. Things are getting better. Check these options and best wishes.
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I need some directions toward financial assistance for caring for my father. He is physically Ok somewhat but his mind isn't what it use to be. I have worked all my life but currently I am unemployed. I want to take care of my father.....he doesn't want to go to an assistant and if i can prevent that i want to do all i can to make the rest of his life pleasant. Please let me know how to get financial assistance.
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