I need a scooter so I can be mobile when away from home. I do go a lot of places because I can't walk well or far. Walmart is the only place I can go because they have scooters for shoppers.

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Medicare will pay for a scooter if doctor prescribes for use in the home and medical reasons; same for a manual wheelchair. Power wheelchairs and heavy duty scooters for outdoor use are more difficult to get improved. Medicare does not pay for new batteries or replacement scooters. Google: Will Medicare pay for scooter? for more information.

Check with a Medicare rep for what diagnostic code is required if your physician does not know the correct code. Most denied Medicare claims are caused by coding errors originating with physicians.

The OP will have to get it coded for outdoor or away from home use.
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Ahmijoy, I think they advertise that Medicare will help. Check with supplimental insurance too. They are coming out with lighter models that You can put in the trunk of your car.

Just a heads up...I worked for a Visiting Nurse Assoc. We worked with low income people. These people would get these scooters and then drive them all over town wearing down the battery after multiple charges.
Replacement batteries cost $100 or more. Because the client couldn't afford the battery the scooter just sat. The older models needed a special platform that is attached to the back of the vehicle. The platform lowers to remove the scooter. The cost is about $500.
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worriedinCali Jan 26, 2019
They may advertise it’s still difficult to get Medicare to actually pay for a scooter. Been through it twice with my mother and MIL and Medicare wouldn’t pay.
Worried is right. My doctor wrote an order for a custom power wheelchair for my husband. All but $200 was paid for by Medicare. I’m not sure they would pay for a scooter, but his chair was covered.
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You usually have to go through your doctor and there’s no guarantee medicare will pay for one either. But it starts with your doctor. Good luck.
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