That person or couple would live in the home, and only do her laundry, spoon feed her and transfer her from bed to wheel chair every other day. She gets Meals On Wheels, so no meal prep except for a light breakfast. All her personal care is done by outside sources. Every other month she goes to a center for 5 days so complete free time for that person and when that person has an appointment or needs to leave the house, coverage will be provided. How can I find someone; I'm doing that now, but must move back to my home in another state.

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Find Care & Housing matches seniors for home sharing, they will help with all the contracts etc. I've not used them, but it sounds perfect!
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You are requiring that they are always at the home and can schedule outings? That is what it reads like.

I think that the idea of living there and doing 3 simple things may be where you bump into problems.

No meals, except breakfast, who is cleaning up the dishes?

Only do her laundry. Who is helping her that she is making laundry?
Spoon feed her, easy enough.
Transfer every other day to wheelchair, what about bathroom? Is she a small woman? Can she assist with the transfer at all?

Who is cleaning the house, doing the shopping for breakfast foods and laundry detergent?

Can you see how 3 simple things is probably not?

I am bringing this to your attention so you can present it realistically to potential aids. Nobody wants the job minimized and then have problems because they are not willing to do what is actually required.

Better to overstate the requirements, then to understate.

It sounds like a facility would be the best option for your sister.

I hope you find a good fit.
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Are you trying to do this privately or through an agency?
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Did you try or
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