I would like to be able to take care of my parents at my own property and I really don’t want either one of them to go to a nursing home.

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You won’t be paid to take care of both of them full time. You need to consider your own financial well-being in the long run. If your parents can’t afford to pay you & are eligible for Medicaid then they may become medically eligible for home care serves through the Texas STAR PLUS program and you may be eligible to be hired by your parents. Pay is minimum wage and you won’t be paid to take care of both full time. You won’t be contributing to a retirement plan, you won’t have paid time off or health, dental and vision benefits. The reality is, every state has programs to pay family caregivers but few states will pay for full time care.
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In the State of PA, the homecare agencies have where they will train, hire you so u get benefits and allow you to care for a LO. You may want to see if this is provided in your state by calling an agency.

If your parents can be considered low income Medicaid may help with aides but not sure if u can be paid in ur state.

Be aware that taking care of a Dementia patient is hard. They become like toddlers. There is no reasoning with them because they have lost that process. They get where you can't leave them alone 24/7. You have no life and it causes strain on a relationship.

I think as a family you all need to sit down and find ways of caring for ur parents. Yes, seems like you may be the best choice but the others need to realize you can't do it alone. You will need help and money to do this. By caring for your parents your are effecting your future earnings for SS. The ability to have a 401k. You will needs these once you retire.

There will come a time Mom will need more care than you can give. The sooner she is in an AL or LTC the better she will adjust that this is her home. There comes a time that it becomes "too late" and they don't adjust as well.
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