My siblings and I would like control or at the least input over my mothers care. Her husband won’t allow that. She recently had a stroke (her 5th one) which has left her unable to speak or move around. She is of sound mind and is aware of everything going on around her. Her husband has always been emotionally and at times physically abusive however my mother would never press charges so there is no legal record of the abuse. Following her recent stroke she was hospitalized for a brief period then transferred to a long term nursing care facility. After questioning the lack of speech and physical therapy she was receiving at this facility, we were informed by her social worker that she should have never been placed in this type of facility and it was at the husband's request. He has now informed security at the nursing home today that he does not want me or my brother or sister visiting her because it upsets her. Her husband is trying to have her now sent home with a home nurse rather than the proper rehabilitation facility, so he can have total control over who sees and talks to her. What can me and my siblings do to fight for POA. Her husband does not have her best interests in hand. As I said my mother is alert and communicates through flash cards but she continues to support her husband. I just can’t stand by and let my mother live out her remaining years under these circumstances. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Your mother can change the person who is POA any time she wants to, since she is mentally competent. If she wants her husband to retain that responsibility/authority, that is the end of the matter. Your best bet would be to make peace with this man so that you can at least stay in touch with your mother.

You could override him if you were her guardian, but that can only happen when she is incompetent, and you say she is not.

As long as she is competent, it is up to her.

If he is refusing to allow her family to visit her and you think she wants you to, you could ask APS to investigate.
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