How can I determine if my Father is on both Medicare & Medicaid? I know he is on Medicaid, but uncertain as to his Medicare status.


Should I call Medicaid? I do have Power of Attorney for him. Or should I cal CICOA (Central IN Council on Aging)? My sister is also helping and I believe CICOA was instrumental in assisting her getting him on Medicaid, placing him in an Assisted Living Facility, etc. I know he gets $52.00 per month...from Medicaid? I am confused as to whether he is still "on" Medicare as well. Thank you.

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$52 is the personal needs allowance amount for Indiana that is allowed by Medicaid. The rest of his income whether social security or pension etc. is paid to the facility as his share of cost. Medicaid pays any difference between what father pays to facility and what cost billed by facility is for allowable charges.
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S: Medicare is the health care system for those over age 65 or younger if totally disabled. Can you check his Social Security annual statement --- that indicates Medicare premiums. Or, does he get statements for medical care from Medicare or CMS the administrator for Medicare?
Medicaid helps indigent citizens to pay for certain medical costs or in your case, a facility that he would be unable to pay for on his own.
If you have POA, you should have access to all of his financial paperwork . Also, the assisted living facility should have copies of his medical insurance cards, and this would include his medicare card --indicating he has coverage.
Does this help??
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