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I think the issue turns on why SHeart's mother is in a nursing home, and specifically what kind. Nursing home has become a generic term and I think often means different things to different people.

Hopefully SHeart will return and let us know if her GM is in rehab, or AL, or memory care, as that would make a difference on what kind of care and whether it would be reimbursed by Medicare for a limited time or whether private duty would be involved if she did go home.
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Has something changed with Medicare? I thought they only paid for home health aids on a part time, short term basis, and not for personal needs?
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Medicare does not pay for LTC. They pay for Rehab in the home with PT and OT. While there you can get an aide. Once their time is up, the aide is done too. Now Hospice in the home is a different thing but even then, someone has to be there 24/7.
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SHeart, I apologise because I know you asked how to do this, not whether you should do this.

But I see from your profile that your grandmother has Alzheimer's Disease / dementia.
So I have to ask: what are your reasons for wanting to bring her home with you? Are you the only family member looking after your grandmother, or are other people involved too?
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Go to the social worker, the Director of Nursing or the administration. They will set this up for you and file through her insurance so Medicare will pay.

If you are bringing her home against their advice, you will have to sign a waiver saying you will not hold them responsible if something happens to her.
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