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If your parents can not afford to pay you, you can google your state & Medicaid in home support services, you’ll see if your state offers in home caregiving through Medicaid. Your parents have to be financially and medically needy & go through an assement where it will be determined how many hours they are eligible for. You probably only be able to be paid as the caregiver for one of them. There are state and federal programs in every state in this country. Not all are through Medicaid but there are hundreds of programs for this in the US.
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The simplest answer is have them pay you. There are sample caregiver agreements on this site. Make sure you budget for respite care and your own health insurance if you don't have other coverage.

If they do not have the funds to pay you, you'll need someone from the state you live in to help answer this question. In New York State, a Medicaid recipient may be given permission to pay family members (other than spouses) for caregiving. The allowed amount is $10 an hour (with no money made available for caregiver's health insurance or vacations) and there are other restrictions. Every state has their own Medicaid rules so you'll need local advice.

Most of these programs don't directly pay the caregiver. The money goes through the person receiving the care. So make sure your parents or the person who handles their finances agrees to this arrangement.

Contact your local Council on Aging, I bet they would be able to steer you in the right direction.
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worriedinCali Oct 29, 2018
Actually most of the Medicaid programs pay the caregiver directly. The money does not go through the person receiving the care.
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The simple answer is you probably can’t, unless you draw up a Caregiver Agreement and they pay you from their own money. Every state is different and I understand Medicaid may pay something, but you’d have to call the office in your state. If one of them is a Vet, there may also be some funding. And,keep in mind you’ll have to buy your own health insurance and should put aside money for your retirement.
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