I work full time!!!!

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Naunie41, good questions and advice by 97yroldmom. If your mom or her husband served in any branch of the U.S. armed forces during wartime, then she may be eligible for a Veterans pension, which can be as high as $1,830 for a single veteran meeting Aid and Attendance requirements. The VA pension can be used to pay at least some in-home caregiver costs, as can Social Security benefits or any other income or assests of your mother's. But for VA and possible future Medicaid purposes, these payments should be made via a personal care agreement (PCA) implemented prior to applying for VA or Medicaid assistance. The reasons for this are explained, and a PCA template is provided, in Aging Care's website at:
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1. Can your mom afford to pay you?
2. Is your mom eligible for Medicaid?
3. Is your mom eligible for Veterans benefits?
4. Have you contacted your Area Agency on Aging for any services available in your mothers area?
Generally speaking there are no funds available to pay a family member by the government that is sufficient to offset what you would be earning in your current employment.

I have read on this forum that there are some states where funds are available for individuals needing NH care where no facilities are available. I believe NY is the one mentioned. There may be others.

This forum is filled with experiences care givers who have been where you are. The general consensus is do not quit your job. You will need your funds for your own care and retirement.
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