We have tried to sell off things to afford but Covid stopped that.

Find Care & Housing
Are you getting, or have you contacted the VA for assistance? If not, you might want to sign up here, to get regular VA newsletters on a variety of topics.

In addition, search here for a variety of resources available to caregivers:

Another option is to find local VA offices, whether they're the smaller county ones that help prepare applications or the larger VA complexes, contact them, find out how to enroll for assistance if you haven't done so already, and once you're assigned to a team, contact the social worker for that team and pose your questions. I've found the social worker assistance to be outstanding.

VA locations in Kansas: If you can't access the site with this URL, search on "Kansas VA offices".

DON'T pay someone to do this; it's free from the VA, and there are legal restrictions against people charging for provision of VA assistance, and often that assistance is coupled with asset investment through the providing entity.

Good luck!
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