How can a caregiver get help when the patient's family member is taking the patient's social security and not paying for their care?

Patient with Alzheimer's was brought to a small island in a foreign country by her son, where he rented a room for her for 2 weeks but left without paying and never returned. Mamayo has been caring for the woman ever since. She lost her source of income (renting the room) because now the patient lives there, she makes her meals, clothes her, buys the food and diapers at her own expense, bathes her every day, washes her bedding, trims her nails and does her hair. She has to bring patient with her if she wants to go to family events or visit friends.

Mamayo needs help as she has not received a penny for providing daily care of a perfect stranger for four years now. We believe the son has been collecting the patient's social security and we think the money should go to the caregiver. We love the patient, but as she is declining we can't keep this up indefinitely. We need help and don't know where to turn. There's no money to pay for a lawyer, Mamayo has very little income and a significant amount goes towards providing for the patient.

We would appreciate links to any resources that may provide help. The patient lived in New York, but adult protection services in NY will only help residents of NY which she was taken from NY four years ago so is no longer a resident. It's a very small island and there's no resources here that can help, there are no elder attorneys here. The local police have been notified, but no action taken. I think this needs to be investigated in the US but I can't find an organization that can provide any help.

TIA, God Bless

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While I thought my brothers, who refuse to visit our declining mother were low, this takes the cake! It sounds like the son moved Mom to a place where he could "dump" her and wash his hands of everything. To top that off, it also sounds like he is taking her money and this is a glaring case of fraud. While I am no lawyer, I clearly see this as abuse and fraud.

If Mom lived in the US, then she is most likely getting Social Security of some sort. There is a site you may wish to read at The fact that the SS payments are not being used for the mother is a crime. Unfortunately, I do not know if SS will step in and assure Mom gets the montey, at least they will investigate the issue. There is always the possability that darling Son will try to thwart a lawsuit and start paying for Mom's care if he is being investigated. Honestly, I do not know how a devious mind works, but it is worth a try!

Social Security should be sending the payments to Mom or to her account. Unfortunately, if Son has rights to her account, he could withdraw the funds before payments for care are made. Sad to think this is true, but it happens.

Something else to look into is elder abuse. Please visit this site: . Take a good look at Financial Exploitation. While Mom may not be a resident of New York, if she was once an American citizen, she should still be a citizen.

Good luck and God bless you for helping. May the son rot in ... for doing this to his mother. Then again, is it really her son?... That brings up another story!
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