My mom has dementia. Feb 2018, a year ago, scored a 19/30 SLUMS. She was literally kidnapped November 2018 by estranged relative (that works in health care) and then signed about $400,000 over to said relative....a year after a 19/30 SLUMS. Relative “Witnessed” the notary, too. Relative did same tactic before to a old lady and ended up with a house and bank account for free.

Local cops stated mom can do what she wants “she’s an adult and can do as she pleases”. Mom is now left alone of a day in another State. Her real property is for sale on Facebook by relative.

•••••• I was previously (2014) named •• Executor of Trust •• in the event of a mental or physical incapacitated condition which occurred in Feb 2018.

Relative doesn’t think that was fair so relative typed an addendum in November 2018 and named herself as Executor and Witnessed the notarizing! Relative appointed herself POA and Quick-Claimed herself partial ownership of a house. Her neighbor the lawyer, notarized and drew up the documents and did the “deal” in relative’s living room. Relative “witnessed” the notary which was also the lawyer/neighbor.


Is there any part of this that's even even remotely legal?

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From what I am cannot assign yourself POA. If Mom has been diagnoised as incompetent, she cannot assign anyone either. I don't know much about trusts but I would say what this person did is not legal either. I think you need a lawyer.
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