My 88 yo mom lives with me. She has her own room, bathroom and kitchenette. I do her cleaning, laundry, meds, drs appts and major cooking. My brother feels that we should wear a mask when I'm in mom's room. I can only wear a mask a short period of time. Its difficult for me while cleaning ect. I feel, because we live in the same household, we would need to wear constantly to be of any use. I do wear one, but it is cutting down on the time I'm able to spend with her. Any outsiders that come into Mom's room are asked to wear a mask. We live in a state wear masking is mandatory while shopping. How are you managing covid with a elderly family member living with you? We are handwashing, staying away from people the best we can.

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I believe Dr. Fauci has suggested that if any members of the household are having to leave the home regularly for their job or other reasons, it's safest for everyone in the household to mask at home. At this point in the pandemic, if someone has to go to the grocery every 2 weeks, and everyone else stays home, I doubt if most family groups would decided to mask at home. However, if a member of the family goes to work every day and comes back home, then it probably makes sense for everyone in the family to mask at home. When the new, more contagious strain that we're just learning about since it recently appeared in England, gets to the U.S., then there will probably be a stronger push to mask at home.

In terms of mask comfort, I have purrchased 3 different kinds of masks, and they have different good and bad points. If you get the kind with elastic going around the ears, you can find ones for which the elastic loop is adjustable with a miniature cable lock. That helps, as may having the elastic be a little bit wide. I also have some masks where the loops go around the head and behind the neck. From what I've read, these may often provide better protection because they usually leave smaller gaps between the mask and face. Since the loops do not go around the ears, the mask does not hurt your ears. Because I do not have full range of motion (bilateral reverse shoulder replacements), these are difficult for me to put on without contaminating the mask with my skin and hair, but for most people, that would not not be a problem.
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lealonnie1 Dec 20, 2020
I believe, over the past 9 months, that Dr Fauci has changed his mind about "safety precautions" more often than I change my underwear.
I see no reason to wear a mask in your own home. I also don't think you need to be disinfecting your house constantly. As long as you are following the basic guidelines, like wearing a mask outside and washing ur hands when u re-enter ur home I think ur safe. Yes we are in a surge but I chalk that up to people getting too comfortabe and having their big TG dinners. Me, I ate at home with immediate family. I go out when I need to. No parties for me.
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My mom lives with my YB and his family. 4 Daughters ages 22-34 still live at home. They all had covid, except for 90 yo mom. They didn't mask up at all, just made her stay in her apartment.

If you are going to wear a mask,. you have to do it ALL THE TIME. Not hit and miss.

YB decided at the start of the pandemic they'd do the best they could to keep mom safe and I guess it worked--as 6 people had covid and she didn't.

I only wear a mask inside if someone comes to visit and they request that I do. I get fierce headaches from them, so they're only for going out. DH travels for work, I cannot believe he hasn't caught it yet. He's pretty chill and altho VERY high risk, just cannot stay home.

When I visit, even my own kids, I follow the rules of their houses. 2 of my families are immune, one isn't. The one that isn't doesn't even care if we mask up or not.

I'm totally confused, to be honest.
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Riverdale Dec 20, 2020
I also am prone to migraines and the straps around my ears create a pressure if worn for too long. Sometimes I tie the straps with rubber bands and tie those together. That can pull some of my hair out but my life these days is pulling my hair out. As soon as I am out of a store I remove the mask.
What's the point of wearing a mask in your own home? I live here with my DH, neither of us wear masks inside; only when we go out, and that's because it's required. If one of us were to bring the virus home, we'd quarantine THEN. He'd stay in the lower level, and I'd stay on the main level, for two weeks, and let the chips fall where they may.

Live your life, visit with your mother, wash your hands and that's it. Tell your brother to keep his fear in check. If HE wants to wear a mask when visiting with his mother, then he's welcome to do so.
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While I was caring for my husband in our home, I never wore a mask while I was in our home(to me that's ridiculous), but of course I did when I went out and about, and all of the hospice personnel wore theirs when they came in, along with the paid aide that I had come in the morning. I don't believe any of the states are requiring that family members that live in the same household or "bubble" to wear masks around each other, while in their own home. It's a personal preference I guess.
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We all live in different places and have different restrictions, additionally we have our own family dynamics.

Where I live the following applies:

No masking within a family bubble, this only includes people living in the same house.

No visitors from outside your home if you live with others. Exceptions made for care providers, but they have to be masked.

Single people living alone can have 1-2 people that they can visit with. I have extended that to three. My son, who lives alone has moved to my house for the month of December. My Mum, who lives alone across town. My friend that lives alone in town. We do not mask in each other's presence. I only hug my son.

Grandparents who provide child care are allowed to continue to care for their grandchildren. I care for my infant grandson 3-8 days a month. I usually do not mask up with I pick up or drop him off.
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