How are personal hygiene care products provided?

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Daily needs for hygiene products are the start of good health, prevention of disease and a better day all around. There are times products run out...then what? Skipped? "Borrowed" from another resident? Family member makes an emergency run? What is the general steps that happen?

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I just got my folks in assisted living. You are basically renting a room. You have to furnish the room, bedding, toiletries everything.

Then you will pick from a list of services. I’m out of state. My folks facility will be doing everything, doc, meds, bathing, mobility assist, laundry. I have laid in a huge supply of personal products and will alert local grandkids if my folks need more of whatever.

In my case, it’s BIG $$$. But I have no choice.
"Skipped? "Borrowed" from another resident? Family member makes an emergency run? What is the general steps that happen?"

Check you facility's policy. Most will have some delivered and charge the resident's account.
Care4, when my Dad lived in Independent Living he had to provide all of his own personal hygiene care products. Dad wouldn't tell me when he was running low on products, he would wait a couple of days after using the last item and then tell me :P I made sure he had 2 packs of Depends at all times.

When Dad moved into Assisted Living/Memory Care, Dad could use what they supplied or I could bring in substitutes of what Dad would prefer [Dad wasn't fussy]. Dad did have to supply his own Depend type garments.

When my Mom lived in long-term-care [nursing home], they supplied everything.

This can vary from place to place.

Check with the facility. Our AL has a program that supply incontinence products as needed (for money of course). We plan on signing up for it because that way we don't need to rely on Mom telling us if she has run out.
My mom was in a nursing home and received Medicaid and Medicare. I never had to provide anything other than an occasional toothbrush for her. Hubby is at home and receives Medicare and supplemental. No personal hygiene products are provided or paid for.
The only thing I know is that Medicaid pays for depends. Hospitals and nursing homes don't seem to use depends but rely on the water proof washable pads on the beds and in the chairs in my area but will provide a minimal personal care kit of poor quality as well as towells and washcloths.
In my Moms AL I supplied everything but the trash liners. I started out buying them and leaving the roll in the wastebasket but it would disappear. I bought Moms Depends too. In the NH everything is supplied. I did bring Moms unused stuff.
I supply everything but I hide supplies. I only get bath gel from the dollar store and hide the rest in a box under the bed or behind something on the top closet shelf. The expensive ones got "used up" rather quickly. All boxes of disposable gloves and tissues are marked up with her name or room number. I keep permanent markers in the room but out of the way. I will also invantory every visit so I know when something is running low.  There are some items that I will only bring when I visit.
One other alternative is to keep 1 of every replaceable items and store it in a container in the trunk of my car but this only works in good weather
Thank you for the replies! It varies from facility to facility and depends on what they have to offer. We have experienced first hand the empty products and then skipping something that really is a vital part to start the day out with dignity. Having the direct care giver experience has inspired us to try and make a difference. The service that we have started delivers monthly personal hygiene packs. Please check us out at CareInHelpingHands.Life . We want to give a helping hand where it is needed.

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