My mother has been ill and in hospital or nursing hm. since October '09. She is on Medicaid. What are housing options are available to her? She has been improving healthwise and her mind is back to where it was pre-Oct. She can walk with a walker 1 person assisting, and can go to the bathroom alone "if she makes it". She has had many incontinence accidents, but they are mostly due to aides unable to help her fast enough. She has pressure sores on both heels, which started in Jan. '09 and needs to have wound care. Since Medicaid kicked in, we have had to pay her last month's rent, and give up her apartment. We have no room to store her things and are planning to throw most of it away. She will have a monthly $45 stipend to live on - all other money goes to the government. Since her health and mental acuity continues to improve, I'm confounded by what type of housing she will be able to consider. If she must be sentenced to the remainder of her life, I would rather see her in a private room, so she can have some little corner where she can feel secure and somewhat independent. I am having much trouble finding such a place.

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I just found this site and know it's been a month since you posted. If your mom is on medicaid you will need to find a medicaid eligible facility. I found the medicare / medicaid website invaluable when looking for a facility for my mother in law. We had decided on a facility and due to circumstances I don't have room to explain here we had to change plans.
On checking the medicare/medicaid site and reviewing the inspection reports realized that the facility we had initially chosen ( which by the way, from the initial visit was beautiful ) had over 30 code violations in which alot of them were serious. ( bed sores, falls, medication errors ) The facility that we chose had 2 which were all paperwork errors. I feel that checking in on inspections and the reports tells alot more than the glitz of a facility. The facility that we placed my mother in law is not glitzy or fancy. She has been there for a year and I can't praise the staff enough. She is well cared for, I can stop in anytime and expect the same level of care. I know I may be too late with advice but there you have it.
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