He keeps communicating his need to feel useful.

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MishkaM, what a great list!

Does he have enough vision to sort socks? My 92 yo mother, with dementia, is always pleased to sort socks. And she folds my underwear. We use washclothes as single-use hand towels, and we go through A LOT of them. If she comes into the family room and sees the couch full of little towels she is excited. Folding those used to be my husband's job. (He also had dementia, in his 80s).

Husband loved to pull the husks off corn during corn-on-the cob season. It took him quite a while, but if I started him early enough it was no problem.
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YAY- that makes me so happy! When I think of more I will post. I have a degree in El. education so I do love to plan activities. I will be back later. :0)
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You are an ingenious lifesaver! What wonderful ideas! He likes to fold the laundry too and we do have a little dog that sits on his lap and he just loves it (both dog and g-pa.) Please keep the ideas coming, everyone! Btw, his tactile skills are wonderful...he can do all his own buttons, dress himself, even tie his shoes! Amazing!
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OHHH, that is so sweet. It is important to feel needed! Ummm, I am going to brainstorm some stuff for ya---
1. Shucking beans? Can he feel the ends?
2. Detangling yarn. Yes, you all of a sudden have a desire to knit and darn it, your yarn is a mess ( make it a loose mess) and someone needs to straighten it out!!
3.Your darn dinner ware is filthy!!!! Someone should take a cloth and rub those spoons and forks ( not knives? Maybe butter knives?) clean.
4. All those magazine/papers/junk mail you have!!!! Such a mess. Too bad the recycle bin insists they are ripped up into smaller pieces for the bin. ( compassionate lie) and put into the box next to him.
5. I have a lamb's wool skin and it used to be soft now it is matty My one friend saw it and said she had one and brushed it everyday and it was so soft(true story). You could buy one. Brushing it would be a nice satisfying job. He could feel it get softer. My friend said it would get really soft. Poor lamb though. It is the skin and fur.
6. Kneading bread. MMMM, fresh homemade bread. With every meal. Hands washed first-especially underneath those nails :0)
7. Save a lamb get a dog? Brush the dog?
8. Your plastic ware is all jumbled up!!!! It needs to be separated pronto!!!
9. It is too bad those pebbles you bought for around the patio have some big rocks mixed in!!! Someone should really find those big rocks and pull them out. ( you could set him up at an outside table and have the pebbles on the table and have a box close to him that he could put the big rocks in-) Make the rocks pretty big-easy to feel.
10. Doesn't so and so have a report due on--whatever grandpa knows about--and would he please share his experiences with so and so so she/he gets a good grade???

That's all I got for now. I am getting a migraine( for real-hormones--) I will think more on this later. I love to solve problems. :0)
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