My in-laws have a house in a different country.

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Well technically they are supposed to list all assets, even foreign.

But property ownership can be quite different than how the US does ownership, so they do not in their name own the house. So the asset is totally an inaccessible asset for "at need" programs like Medicaid & SNAP. So it gets left out of applications.

Like for Mexico & Latin America, property ownership often via an SA - sociadad anonima - that's attached to a finca de raice, so it's technically not recorded as "John Luis Sanchez & Wf" as owner like what courthouses do here. But instead a long train of names maternal & paternal with finca details & the SA as the owner. None accessible asset.
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Omsairam, I have a friend who's mother-in-law visited here in the States back and forth for many years from a different county, eventually she became a U.S. citizen, and just recently moved here. She is on Medicaid because she cannot receive Medicare or Social Security because she never worked in the States.

So far, if I understand correctly, Medicaid didn't ask if there are any assets in the other country that belong to my friend's mother-in-law. When living in the other country, mother-in-law has a housekeeper, plus another person doing the cooking, she had that for many years. Her late husband was quite well off, thus she has a lot of assets.

Now, there could be different rules and regulation in each State.
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